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Thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery in which the doctor uses different techniques to lift and sculpt your inner or outer thighs to a more desirable shape. Many people have a thigh lift procedure after losing a significant amount of weight. You may be a good candidate for a thigh lift surgery if your weight is stable, you are generally healthy and you are a non-smoker or able to quit smoking in order to facilitate your healing after surgery. The cost of a thigh lift depends on the technique that is used by our partnered doctors.

How Does a Thigh Lift Procedure Work?

The thigh lift surgery reduces the size of the inner or outer thighs by removing excess skin or removing fat. The result of the surgery is that your thighs have a better proportion compared to the rest of your body. The types of thigh lift surgery include medial lifts and lateral lifts. Our partnered doctors will determine the best place to make the necessary incisions. You will be given general anesthesia for the surgery. For most people, the operation takes less than two hours. With today's minimally invasive techniques, your recovery time will be one to two weeks. You will return to our partnered doctors for a checkup to see how your healing and recovery is going. If you have any questions, the doctors will be ready to answer them. Most people are able to return to light activity about two weeks after surgery. Our partnered doctors will advise you about beginning or returning to an exercise routine after you have fully healed.

The highplasty surgery is performed in a clinic. Most people do not need an overnight stay, but you will need to have someone stay with you for a few days so that you can focus on resting and healing. You might experience some soreness around the incision sites for one to two weeks following your surgery. Some swelling and bruising is also typical after any type of surgical care. You will be given instructions about using ice, compression wraps and elevating your legs to help minimize swelling. Scarring is minimal and the appearance of any scars typically decreases by one year after your surgery. For most patients, the results of a thigh lift surgery are permanent.

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