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Translation Services

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English, Polish

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Dentistry, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Weight Loss Surgery


KCM Clinic is a multi-disciplinary hospital which offers an extensive range of procedures and boasts modern therapy and diagnostics. The state-of-the art facility has 105 medical staff and 64 doctors who provide the highest level of specialist medical care and strive to make treatment quick and efficient. In addition to KCM Clinic’s outstanding aesthetic, dental and rehabilitation centers, the hospital specializes in diagnostics, gynecology, ophthalmology and weight loss. The hospital is involved in a scientific exchange with world-class specialists at Sanford Health in the USA and Germany, which allows its doctors to expand their knowledge and acquire new medical skills. KCM Clinic’s ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management Certificate, and its close cooperation with the NFZ (the Polish health care system) ensures that the hospital adheres to the highest standards in quality. For patients traveling from abroad, the hospital’s international coordinator handles all travel arrangements including visa, transport and accommodation in one of their partner hotels. Translation services, wheelchair access and patient support are also part of the service.

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KCM Clinic S.A. ul. Bankowa 5-7, 58-500,
Jelenia Góra



Located in Jelenia Góra (which translates into “Deer Mountain”) KCM Clinic is a one hour drive from Wrocław–Copernicus Airport in Wrocław in southwestern Poland, and two hours from Prague’s international Václav Havel Airport. The hospital is situated in the center of the ancient town which is nearly 1000 years old. When you’re not exploring the old city and taking in its historic architecture, you’ll be able to find numerous theaters, cinemas, restaurants and beer gardens to visit. Tourists can make the short trip to the Karkonosze Mountains (a mere 10-15km away) where they can enjoy scenic hiking trails during the summer and skiing in the winter.

Overall Satisfaction
"In conclusion I was very happy with the treatment and the outcome! I was also very happy with Junomedical, especially the very friendly communication of the service team. "

I was welcomed very friendly by the hospital personal. The operating Doctor was immediately with me and explained the procedures. I can not say anything about the surgery, since its just been a couple of days. In the hospital, everybody was very friendly and treated me well. 2 doctors spoke German and explained and ansewered all my questions. Everything else I could clarify with the patient coordinator in English. The nurses were also with me the whole time and were of great help. The person accompanying me, was mainly ignoed by the staff. The second bed was perfekt, but unfortunatly they missed the additional meals for the person accompanying me. This can be done better. Besides that I can only speak very positive about the hospital, especially their hygine standards are amazing. My room was cleaned several times a day and the nurses kept the strict hygine standards.

In conclusion I was very happy with the treatment and the outcome!

The communication with Junomedical was perfect. All raised questions and concerns were answered very fast and satisfying. I went for the surgery without any unanswered questions.

United Kingdom
Gastric Sleeve
"A lady called Julia was the best, she has been in contact with me from the start - Treatment quality and service were better than what I would get at home. "

I was met from the airport, taken straight to clinic for blood test, then was taken to the hotel. In the morning I was picked up and taken back to clinic where I had every test you could think of and more, already for my surgery. After surgery of gastric sleeve, the staff was excellent, the nurses work very hard to make your stay comfortable, my scars are very neat, I didn't/don't have any pain at all, bloody brilliant, would defo use them again that's for sure. Oh a lady called Julia was the best, she has been in contact with me from the start, and still is, thank you Julia for being there for me. Treatment quality and service were better than what I would get at home.

United Kingdom
Tubal Surgery
"They do everything in detail."

I’d been sterilized and decided that we wanted more children. Dr Radecki was absolutely amazing! He’s such a pleasant, polite man that knows his stuff. He successfully reversed our operation so we’re very happy.
The quality that you get over here for the price is just unreal. It’s a lot cheaper than in the UK.
They arranged our flights and a driver picked us up from the airport and drove us to the hotel. Everything was done, we just had to sit back and relax!
I’m very happy, they are very polite people, very meticulous. They do everything in detail: the diagnostic testing before surgery, the ECG, the scans, the X-rays. Everything is done in so much detail compared to back home.
I would definitely recommend KCM and I would come back again. I would now look at coming over to Poland for surgery rather than stay in my own country and I can keep in touch with the doctors to tell them how I progress.

United Kingdom
High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck
"We’ve been very impressed with the service."

Not knowing anywhere, my friend and I Googled a few places and a few websites came up and we decided to go with KCM because they were quite quick in getting back to us and give us information.
The communication was very good and I was really impressed with their pre-op questionnaires and they could also fit us in for the time I wanted my surgery to be done. I think the whole package is very important because it’s very important to be guided and the international patient coordinator is very helpful and makes me feel comfortable and they looked after us very well.
They sort out all the hotel bookings, they make all the arrangements for the taxis and transportation, we were met at the airport on arrival and taken to the hotel and taken to the clinic to meet the international patient coordinator.
All of that was important for us and she has been looking after us very well from the day we arrived. So far we’ve been very impressed with the service.

United Kingdom
Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery
"You will certainly not be disappointed."

KCM’s the most amazing place. I’ve been here for a few days, the people are amazing, the surgery was amazing, and they can’t do enough for you. You may feel a bit unsure about coming abroad and having surgery done but I can highly recommend coming here because you certainly won’t be disappointed and you’ll save a lot of money as well.
Here it’s cutting-edge and they do all of the procedures for bariatric surgery laparoscopically.
I was in bed for a day and a half tops and then I was up, I was drinking, I was feeling good, the nurses were giving me all of the meds that I needed and here I am not even 48 hours later and I’m standing here, it’s fantastic.
The service is great, the operations are great, the staff are very knowledgeable. All you need to do is get in contact with them and you will certainly not be disappointed.

United Kingdom
Spinal Surgery
"In the UK they don’t have these type of advanced procedures."

I had a back injury so went to the doctor in Northern Ireland and they did various tests and they told me that I’d need surgery in order to get the problem fixed so that I could get back to my training. So I went on the waiting list for the NHS and for the type of back surgery that I would need would be a year and a half for the minimum waiting period, and that’s for the most urgent back surgery. I’d already been waiting eleven months as it was so I decided to look into other options as the option that was available in Northern Ireland wouldn’t have allowed me to have normal movement and that would have changed my lifestyle completely, and I wouldn’t have been able to get back into sports.

I decided to get minimally invasive spine surgery which would allow me to recover faster and get back to my active lifestyle as soon as possible. There were various different clinics around the world and I researched all of the different ones because I wanted to be sure that I’d get the best treatment possible. I got in touch with KCM clinic and I was extremely happy with the quick response from KCM clinic. After the first email I sent they called me ten minutes later which I was very impressed with. They were very helpful and answered all my questions and I didn’t feel like I was being pressured or rushed into anything so I was quite impressed with the communication. They were really flexible, I was offered a few different dates which was brilliant.

It was a complete package so I didn’t have to worry about booking hotels or taxis which I do really think makes it a lot easier as you just want to get fixed. They did all of the tests to make sure it was exactly the right treatment for me and advised me on everything that would be happening. It’s two or three days after the surgery now and I’m back to sort of normal, and I’m feeling great and ready to go home and ready to get back to life.

I would definitely recommend KCM, obviously in the UK they don’t have these type of advanced procedures, there are waiting lists, it’s a lot more expensive. KCM was brilliant because they covered every base and I was confident in them every step of the way.

Top Treatments

Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • 2 days hospitalization incl meals
  • 3 days hotel stay incl. breakfast
  • Free for accompanying person
  • Ground transfer during stay
  • All pre & post treatment consultations

$ 6,370

Gastric Sleeve

  • 2 days hospitalization including meals
  • 3 days hotel stay including breakfast
  • Free for accompanying person
  • Ground transfer during stay
  • All pre & post treatment consultations

$ 6,370

3D CT $ 50
Bone Augmentation
Bone Augmentation $ 270
Dental Checkup
Dental Checkup $ 10
Dental Crown
Zirconia Crown $ 400
Ceramic-Metal Crown $ 270
All-Ceramic Crown $ 430
Gold-Ceramic Crown $ 480
Temporary Crown $ 50
Dental Implants
Dental Implant Removal $ 200
Straumann Implant $ 1,230
Dental Implant
Removable Denture $ 620
Lip or Tongue Frenectomy $ 50
Inlay $ 160
Onlay $ 190
Panoramic X-Ray
Panoramic X-Ray $ 20
Sinus Lift
Sinus Lift $ 940
Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening $ 130
Tooth Extraction
Wisdom Tooth Extraction $ 100
Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction $ 170
Surgical Tooth Extraction $ 170
Tooth Jewlery
Tooth Jewlery $ 50
Tooth filling
Tooth filling $ 50
Veneers $ 220
Ankle Joint Arthroscopy
Ankle Joint Arthroscopy $ 1,280
Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery $ 3,860
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair $ 2,660
Hip Replacement
Hip Replacement $ 5,560
Knee Replacement
Knee Replacement $ 5,030
Meniscal Repair
Meniscal Repair $ 1,730
Plastic Surgery
Complete Abdominoplasty $ 3,460
Extended Abdominoplasty $ 3,990
Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty $ 1,490
Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty $ 1,600
Brachioplasty $ 2,540
Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation $ 3,620
Breast Implants
Silicone Breast Implants $ 4,900
Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction $ 3,620
Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift $ 4,680
Chin Augmentation
Chin Augmentation $ 3,190
Facelift $ 3,410
Mini Facelift $ 2,560
Botox Injection $ 240
Fat Transfer
Fat Transfer $ 800
Gynecomastia Surgery
Gynecomastia Surgery $ 1,810
Labiaplasty $ 1,730
Liposuction $ 1,330
Mastopexy $ 3,190
Nipple Correction Surgery
Nipple Correction Surgery $ 1,280
Ear Surgery $ 1,280
Rhinoplasty $ 2,400
Scar Removal
Scar Removal $ 1,280
Thigh Lift
Thigh Lift $ 2,930
Wrinkle Treatment
Wrinkle Treatment $ 320
Weight Loss Surgery
Gastric Band Surgery
Adjustable Gastric Band $ 5,840
Gastric Band Removal
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery $ 6,370
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Sleeve $ 6,370
Dr.  Grzegorz  Kowalski

Dr. Grzegorz Kowalski, MD, PhD

Specialization Head of the Centre of Bariatric Surgery, 2800 bariatric laparoscopic procedures

Education Graduated as MD from University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland (1994)

Languages Polish & English

Memberships & Awards

  • Expert in Advanced Bariatric Surgery for Covidien and Johnson & Johnson
  • Lowest post-surgery infection rate associated with Obesity surgery at 0.01%
  • 9800 other laparoscopic procedures
Dr. Ryszard Nawrocki

Dr. Ryszard Nawrocki, MD

Specialization: Plastic Surgery and General Surgery

Education Graduated from the Medical Academy in Wroclaw, 1989

Languages: Polish and English


  • Association of Surgeons Polish
  • Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Dr. Arkadiusz Syguda

Dr. Arkadiusz Syguda, MD

Specialization: General Surgery

Education Graduated as MD from the Medical University of Silesia

Languages: Polish and English

Memberships & Awards

  • Skills Certificate Section Endoscopic Surgery TChP, 2009
Dr. Mariusz Wysocki

Dr. Mariusz Wysocki, MD

Specialization: Plastic Surgery and General Surgery

Education Graduated as MD from the Medical Academy in Wroclaw

Languages: Polish and English


  • Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Section and microvascular Association of Polish Surgeons
Dr. Piotr Drozdowski

Dr. Piotr Drozdowski, MD

Specialization: Plastic Surgery

Education Graduated as MD from Medical University in Wrocław, 2006

Languages: Polish and English

Memberships & Awards

  • The Wrocław Medical University Rector Prize for the best student
  • Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery
  • EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)
Dr. Pawel Studniarek

Dr. Pawel Studniarek, MD

Specialization: Orthopedics, Traumatology and Sports Medicine

Education Graduated as MD

Languages: Polish and English

Memberships & Awards

  • Polish Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology (PTOiTr).