Our vision is to become the leading Digital Health solution that helps patients around the world manage their healthcare.

We are looking for investors who share our vision and want to be part of this exciting journey. Junomedical is an international group of very hard-working, fun and creative people and so should you be!

If you are an investor who wants to write our success story with us, get in touch! We are very much looking forward to making the world a healthier place, together.

Currently, Junomedical partners with a range of angel investors and VCs from Europe and the U.S. Two of our main institutional VC investors include:

Over the past years, Project A has been one of Germany’s most notable venture capital firms. Its success is based on an operational approach to venture capital. Its portfolio companies are granted access to Project A’s wide expertise in all areas of online business. A dedicated venture development team of almost 100 specialists supports young companies in their life cycle until exit. Project A’s investment focus is in e-commerce and marketplaces, digital infrastructure solutions and software as a service. Its most successful portfolio companies and exits include Tirendo, Treatwell, and Catawiki.

500 Startups is a global venture capital fund and accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley. With investments 1,400 companies since 2010 500 Startups has been one of the most active VCs worldwide. Their expertise lies particularly in the fields of internet marketing and customer acquisition, design and user experience, and lean start up practices and metrics. The team of 100, speaks 20 languages and boasts alumni from PayPal, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Apple among others. 500 Startups most successful exits include Makerbot (Stratasys), Wildfire (Google), Viki (Rakuten), and Simple (BBVA).

If you'd like to chat, email us at investors@junomedical.com!

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