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Located in Izmir on the western coast of Turkey, CTG Dentalcare was established in 2004 and specializes in cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, implants, orthodontics, and periodontics. The center moved to a new building in 2010 and is now the largest private dental clinic in the Izmir region. Staff are highly qualified and, of CTG’s 11 dentists, several are university affiliated and four are PhD level specialists. Center staff speak Dutch,German and English. All of treatments are the most advanced available, including recently introduced Conebeam 3D X-rays which enables a more thorough view of the jaw area, greatly reduced radiation doses and much shorter scan times. This is just one benefit of dental treatment abroad that we offer at CTG Dentalcare. At CTG Dentalcare, you are opening the door to all the advantages dental care abroad can offer: this state-of-the-art dental hospital, luxurious residential facilities and most importantly its team of talented dentists, all experts in there chosen specialties. CTG Dentalcare's team will guarantee you have a comfortable stay and will be responsible for your care round the clock. The clinic's concierge team will ensure you have all your needs met at all times. For its international patients, the clinic offers an all-inclusive package with chauffeur service, hotel accommodation and comprehensive finance and insurance options for complete peace of mind.


Dr.  Mehmet Sonmez

Dr. Mehmet Sonmez, DDS, PhD

Specialization: Dental Implants, Advance Restorative and adhesive applications

Education: PhD in Department of Prosthodontics Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Ege University, Izmir, 1994

Languages: English and Turkish

Memberships & Awards

  • Turkish Society of Implantation
  • Turkish Prosthodontics and İmplantology Association
Assoc. Prof.  Gulay  Vural

Assoc. Prof. Gulay Vural, DDS



  • Bachelors Degree D.D.S.(1973), Specialist in Orthodontics (1977)
  • Assistant Professor (1977), Associated Professor (1982)

Languages: English and Turkish

Memberships & Awards

  • More than 100 certificates and international course attendences in Dentistry, Orthodontics, Quality Systems and Management
  • Galilee College Israel “Health System Management” Certificate
  • Adviser of Dentaform;Esthetics & Dental Care ,Touch Up Clinic and Laser Center G.O.P. Ankara
Dr.  Mert Yuce

Dr. Mert Yuce, DDS, PhD

Specialization: Prosthodontics

Education: Graduate of health sciences, department of prosthodontics (2013), DDS, PhD

Languages: English and Turkish

Memberships & Awards

  • Turkish Dental Association
Dr. Levent Kardesler

Dr. Levent Kardesler, DDS, PhD


  • Plastic and microsurgical aesthetic periodontal operations, Implant surgery

Education: Graduated as PhD from Ege University, Department of Periodontology, Turkey, 2009

Languages: English and Turkish, Dutsh

Memberships & Awards

  • International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
  • Turkish Federation of Periodontology (TPD)
  • European Federation of Periodontology (EFP)
Dr.  Inci Sonmez

Dr. Inci Sonmez, DDS

Specialization: Teeth Whitening, Bleeching


  • Graduated as DDS from Ege Universty school of dentistry, 1978

Languages: English and Turkish

Memberships & Awards

  • European Dental Association, (EDAD)
Dr.  Olgu Kocu

Dr. Olgu Kocu, DDS, PhD

Specialization: Endodontics

Education: Graduated from Ege University, Institute of Health Sciences, Turkey, DDS

Languages: English and Turkish

Memberships & Awards

  • The Turkish Dental Association
  • Izmir Chamber of Dentists
  • Turkish Association of Endodontics
Dr.  Azize Taplu

Dr. Azize Taplu, DDS

Specialization: Anaesthesia Specialist

Education: Graduated from Ege University, Medical School, 1991, Turkey

Languages: English and Turkish

Memberships & Awards

  • Turkish Medical Association, İzmir Chamber of Medicine
  • Turkish Anesthesiology and Reanimation
  • Applied Clinical Hypnosis Association. KUHD


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1416 Sokak No:34 Kahramanlar 35230 Izmir, Turkey



Izmir is a truly historical Turkish city and although a devastating fire in 1922 resulted in the loss of some splendid buildings, there are still countless landmarks of significance, such as the unusual oriental Clock Tower (Saa Kulesi) on Konak Square. Also of note in Izmir is the rather elevated Kadifekale Castle and the numerous Jewish synagogues. However, it is the awesome Agora of Smyrna that serves as the main draw card, a Roman marketplace where Colonnades of tall stone Corinthian columns can still be found standing. The Agora of Smyrna (Agora Open Air Museum) really is a 'must see' and lies off the Anafartalar Caddesi.

Treatments and prices

Top Treatments

Dental Consultation

  • Free consultation & healing plan
  • Free panoramic x-ray
  • Free 1 night Hotel stay incl. breakfast
  • Free ground transfer during your stay
  • Short term treatment scheduling


All-On-4 Implants

  • Consultation & x-ray in the UK
  • Aftercare in the UK
  • Hotel stay
  • Ground transfer during your stay

From € 1,700

Dental Implant

  • Consultation & x-ray in the UK
  • Aftercare in the UK
  • Hotel stay
  • Ground transfer during your stay

From € 580

3D CT € 90
Bone Augmentation
Bone Augmentation € 180
Clear Braces € 3,000
Dental Abutment
Straumann Abutment € 190
Dental Checkup
Dental Checkup Free
Dental Consultation
Dental Consultation Free
Dental Crown
All-Metal Crown € 130
Zirconia Crown € 200
Gold-Ceramic Crown € 290
Dental Implants
All-On-4 Implants € 1,700
Dental Implant € 580
Temporary Denture € 400
Panoramic X-Ray
Panoramic X-Ray Free
Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment € 80
Sinus Lift
Sinus Lift € 1,100
Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning € 80
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening € 150
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraxtion Normal € 50
Surgical Tooth Extraction € 90
Tooth filling
Tooth filling € 50
Veneers € 100
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