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Breast implants are increasingly becoming mainstream cosmetic surgery procedures, and more North American patients are heading south of the border to get them done. According to a report released in early 2017, the annual valuation of the global breast implants market is expected to be in excess of $1.4 billion on an annual basis, and medical tourism in Mexico is considered to be a driving force in this regard.

Why Should I Get Breast Implants in Mexico?

The majority of medical tourists seeking breast augmentation procedures in Mexico are from the United States and Canada; in recent years, however, the lower costs of air travel have brought more European women to Mexico in search of affordable breast implants. What prospective patients should know about breast implants in Mexico is that cosmetic surgery is a major cultural phenomenon here and across Latin America. Feminine beauty is celebrated in Mexico, and breast augmentation is just one of many aesthetic procedures performed at many clinics around the country.

Many cosmetic surgeons who treat medical tourists in Mexico have attended medical schools in the United States and are affiliated with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. The affordable prices are just one of the factors attracting women to Mexico for breast implants; the quality of care and the cultural affinity of the staff are also appreciated by medical tourists. As previously stated, femininity is something that Mexican culture values; for this reason, women who seek to look their best are welcomed in this country.

Breast Implants in Mexico

American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)
Located in Tijuana, Mexico, CosMed Clinic boasts board-certified plastic surgeons who are licensed in both the US and Mexico, and have performed over 15,000 ... More Info
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